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How to display / place a block based on route in Drupal?

By default Drupal provides and option to set visibility of block based on path, but quite often it is not what actually want.

To solve this issue we can use a small, but a very useful module Route condition. This module provides condition plugin, which will display the block based on routes. Basically it works the same way as Pages condition plugin. So, I believe you will not find any issues configure it.

How prepopulate values on a form from request in Drupal?

Let's imagine we have a node with field category and we want to create a link in the view and pass a category in the request ?field_category=1. Unfortunately, it will not like this by default. Fortunately, we have a solution! We need a module prepopulated and pass a parameter a special way:

1) For entity reference fields[field_category][widget][0][target_id]=1

2) Normal fields[field_body][widget][0][value]=Something